• Bethlehem Team

Year End Function 2020

ICT Champion

We would like to congratulate Metz Mamohlola Primary School for the purchase of five (5) View Boards for their school.

Interactive Whiteboards

We are in a process of developing 21st century skills for students. Research has repeatedly demonstrated that students learn better when they are fully
engaged and that multi-sensory, hands-on learning is the best way to engage them. Interactive whiteboards enable multi sensory learning whether it is a collaboration exercise for Math problem solving or a Google Earth tour of the Amazon rainforest.

Benefits for Students

The interactive electronic whiteboard is a colourful tool. Research indicates that students respond to displays where colour is employed and marking can be customised both in the pen and in the highlighter features to display a number of different colours. Tactile learners can benefit from touching and marking the board, audio learners can have the class discussion and visual learners can see what is taking place as it develops at the board. Students with limited motor skills can enjoy board use. Because of large format, it may be easier for students to run programs by tapping on the board rather than mouse clicking. Also, teachers with young students report success having them write on the board with their fingers rather than the stylus. Other benefits for students include:

• Students are more focused on their learning when teachers used an IWB.

• Students become highly engaged when there are opportunities to work directly on an interactive whiteboard.

• The use interactive whiteboards decreases distraction by focusing students’ attention on lessons.

• IWBs enhanced language lessons when teachers use visual aids to reinforce vocabulary and grammar lessons

• Spontaneous lessons are easily supported with an interactive whiteboard.

• Student engagement significantly increases when an IWB is used in conjunction with a classroom audio system

• Student engagement significantly increases when an IWB is used in conjunction with a classroom audio system

Durban Data Conference

On the 14th of February 2020 a delegation from the Think Ink Management team attended the annual Durban Data conference at the Champagne sports resort in the Drakensburg. An informative weekend was culminated with the awards dinner on Saturday night, where Think Ink again received The Top Olivetti Dealer of the year award. Think Ink would like to thank Durban Data for their continued good service.